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How to Kill Ants without Pesticides?

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You spill some sugar and forget to clean it up. What do you see the next day? There’s an army of ants carrying the tiny cubes to their nest. Your immediate reaction will be to kill the ants with a strong chemical infused pesticides. However, that does not just get rid of the ants, it also has negative health impacts on humans and pets at home.

There are human health-friendly alternatives to these pesticides which are equally effective to get rid of these tiny nuisance creating insects. Following are some Best Pest Control Sydney measures that can be made at home.


  1. Detergent and water:  Mix one part detergent with two-part water and your homemade ant pesticide is ready for use. Pour it into a spray can and when you see these tiny creatures around just spray it to instantly kill the ants. This also works on other pests like cockroaches.
  2. White Vinegar and water: Another way of killing ants is using white vinegar. Mix equal part of vinegar and water in a spray can to make your own cheap environment-friendly pesticide. If you see one or an army of ant just one spray and it will get rid of the ants. You can also use this solution as ant repellent and spray it on the probable entrances of the ants.
  3. Lemon juice solution: Mix one part lemon juice with three-part water, shake it well and your ant killing solution is ready to use. Pour the content in a spray can and now you are ready to Professional Pest Control Service down some ants. Citric acid contained in the lemon also acts as a repellent and spraying it around your home will prevent the ants from invading your house.
  4. If you have boric acid lying around in your home than it can be a great natural pesticide. When ants consume the boric acid, it poisons their stomach and kills them instantly. Just sprinkle boric acid around the places where ants are often seen like the windowsills. But be careful to keep this acid away from the reach of children and pets as it causes various problems when consumed. Also, don’t use the acid around the kitchen or food sources.
  5. Use of diatomaceous earth: This is another effective method of getting rid of any kind of insects. Also, it is not harmful to either humans or pets. It is powdered fossilized diatoms and when insects step on the powder it scratches the exoskeletons which leads to the drying of their bodies. Sprinkle around ant prone areas or around the house. Make sure to use a mask while using it. It doesn’t work when it is wet but after drying it is quite effective.
  6. You can just use natural repellents to get rid of ants and preventing them from entering your home altogether. Cloves, mint, chili flakes, pepper, garlic, cinnamon, and coffee ground are some of them. Sprinkling any of these around the house and where ant appear the most can help keep ants away.

Best Ways to Choose Pest Control

Knowing what pest control you really need might be confusing. There are many, many methods, but each of them varies in how harmful they could be.

Pest management is a strategy designed to effectively control competing species. It involves the development of methods for the suppression of the pest population taking into account the integrity and territoriality of other species.

Due to a growing trend in pest management, most companies have begun work on pest management programs. Not only does it save you time, but it also gives you professional pest control services at your fingertips.


With this trend increasing, everyone is looking for advice at the moment of choosing professionals related to this business. For a few dollars you can solve your pest problem with excellence with the right professionals.



When you decide to hire a pest control service, you must be aware of the license that the company and its personnel have.

If your target company is not registered, it is best to move forward and take services from a different company, it’s always safer for your money and your health to make the right choice. You don’t know if it’s really a real company and it’s best to avoid bad service that could end in disaster.


The company’s experience plays a very important role. Pesticide application methods, tactics and many locally developed interventions depend on the company’s experience. It’s best to choose a company you can count on.



The company’s reputation is an important parameter in choosing and measuring the success rate. You can measure reputation in the following ways:

  • When asking a friend, family member or satisfied customer. You are able to know a little about the work done and have an idea of what to expect
  • When searching online. Use the company’s website to know them better
  • Online visibility.
  • Online reviews. It’s always useful to know other customers opinion
  • Page rank of the company’s official site.

A well-respected company always has a monogram and a trademark. Look at these options to hire the best pest control company.



To do the estimate, the chosen company should conduct a brief survey. If the pest population is in the early stages, then control measures are quite simple with less cost.

On the other hand, if there is a very high risk. The company should offer the individual pest control program for each pest. Combined management can pose a threat to local biodiversity.


You should also look for other companies that offer pest management services. If rates fluctuate greatly, then you can hire another company. Remember that quality is essential.

Therefore, it can be concluded that these aspects are methods for choosing the best form of pest control. You can count on a quality service with certified professionals and for just a few dollars, you can find yourself in a healthy place without pests.

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Get Rid of 3 Top Methods Of Natural Pest Control For Good

Pest control is high on our rundown when we are hoping to keep the irritations out of our home and yard. Consistently we experience the assignments of irritation control and a considerable measure of us don’t prefer to utilize pesticides due to the poisonous level of the item. We would rather have a characteristic vermin control strategy that is viable. Fortunately there are a lot of characteristic techniques to pest control. To begin with it will rely on the sort of vermin you have.

On the off chance that you are hoping to slaughter pests with a characteristic pest control strategy you will need to have flypaper, stick paper, pest lights, and citronella candles. Most pests are pulled in by sweet fragrances so on the off chance that you set out some paste paper around your home or even close to the entryways outside shots are you will get the pest control before they have an opportunity to penetrate your home.

More Products For Natural Pest Control

Other supportive items incorporate calcium items, corn gluten, molasses, and air circulation of the dirt. Every strategy will enable you to keep a wide range of nuisances from your home and land without using pesticides that are harmful.

Another regular irritation control strategy includes electronic gadgets that work off of ultrasonic sound where the vermin are dismissed by the recurrence since it is an obnoxious commotion for them.

Peppermint and comparable herbs have been found to dispose of irritations as a characteristic pest control strategy. Peppermint, spearmint, catnip, and different herbs joined with apple juice vinegar makes a characteristic nuisance control shower that successfully slaughters pests or if nothing else dismisses them from your property.

Utilization Of Oils

There are additionally oils that can be utilized for common nuisance control strategies. Fundamental oils can be dangerous or agonizing to the touch. So you have to weaken the recipe and ensure children and pets are kept from the territory you are utilizing the splash. It is irritation to utilize the herb as opposed to these oils to ensure that you are not making something hurtful to your family. After all your motivation it to protect your family and pets from pesticides you would prefer not to bring something similarly as risky into your home.

Utilization Of Herbs

There are additionally herbs that you can use to continue flying pests away. Basil is a characteristic nuisance control propellant. It resembles citronella where the exhaust of the basil will keep the mosquitoes and other flying creepy crawlies from demolishing an awesome outing. Different strategies for continuing flying pests from you home will incorporate having screens on every one of-the windows. The screens ought to be fit as a fiddle without any openings that the creepy crawlies can get past. The screens if legitimately introduced will keep the pests under control.